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On This Day: A Daily Guide to Spiritual Lessons in American History

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On This Day is a riveting devotional that the entire family can enjoy and learn from together. Through the course of one year, this historically based devotional will guide through the pages of history as you watch the decades unfold as witnessed by our nation and its presidents.

Through daily studies and historical accounts, you will learn how this nation was truly founded on faith.  Accompanied by daily scripture and prayer, On This Day will challenge you and your family to consider your American heritage in action and apply the scripture and prayers to your daily lives.


On This Day: A Daily Guide to Spiritual Lessons from Christian History

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History is a wonderful teacher. Reading history has several benefits for us.

First, it is entertaining. There are few pleasures in life equal to reading a good story. And On This Day - A Daily Guide to Spiritual Lessons from Christian History brings us an amazing number of great stories.

Secondly, these stories are inspiring. They help us look upward from our common day to day life to the God who inspired these men and women.


On This Day in Kansas History, Spiritual Lessons From the Heartland

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Each day's reading begins with a pertinent Scripture passage, and then takes the reader to some significant event that took place on "This Day in Kansas History". This is followed by a paragraph or two of spiritual insights from the historical event and the Scripture. Finally each day's reading is summarized in a brief prayer.


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